Pressure Testing

The importance of "pressure testing" cylinder heads and blocks cannot be overstated.  An engine is a precision machine where minor imperfections can cause catastrophic effects.  Avoiding the risk of engine unreliability or failure is paramount.  All blocks and cylinder heads should be pressure tested prior to reconditioning.  It would be no surprise that major engine part manfacturers recommend that high quality pressure testing is carried out prior to reconditioning the engine.

Traditionally, pressure testing has been a time consuming operation, which has labelled the process as costly and consquently has been avoided by customers.  There have been major developments and improvements in the automotive engineering industry over the years.  Unfortunatley, pressure testing of cylinder heads and blocks during the reconditioning process has been neglected, unti now....

The Newclear Pressure Tester is a revolutionary machine that has the ability to test for cracks and defects in cylinder heads and blocks.  Pressurised water is flowed through the casting to simulate operating conditions.  The inline heater system allows hot and cold hydraulic testing, in addition to air testing, at capabilities up to 800kPa.  To put this into perspective, cylinder heads normally run pressure in the water system at around 100 - 200 kPa.  Under high pressure, cracks will inevitably show up.  With the ability to pressure test between 400 and 800kPa, depending on the head, there is assurance that problems with the component will be positively identified.

The combination of light weight aluminium cylinder heads with cast iron blocks means good quality hot and cold pressure testing is essential.  The difference in the expansion rates between aluminium and cast iron vary greatly and it is vital that fractures and porosity in the cylinder heads are detected.  It is not only overheating that can cause cracks in the head. Fractures can ofter occur upon engine disassembly (the head stress relieves and the head cracks). Often fractures are only visable after a cold hydraulic test followed by a hot hydraulic test, followed by a cold hydraulic test.  These three tests are carried out in rapid succession - a process which is not possible using traditional pressure testing methods.

The main attribute of the Newclear Pressure Tester is in its design feature, which allows full access to the component and clear visiblity.  The adjustable centre of gravity allows the cylinder head or block to be easily rotated 360 degrees.  While the transparent pressure plate enables the machinist to identify the exact point where the head or block may be leaking.


The machine is able to pressure test a large variety of cylinder heads and blocks as it contains a full kit of rubber plugs which are adaptable to many different configurations to block off water jackets, which allows the system to be pressurised.  The process is simple and quick to set up, making th test efficient and effective.  By having the correct machine, 70% on setup time can be saved.

Once a cylinder head or cylinder block had been pressure tested and fractures have been identified, the decision on whether the component may be repaired or whether replacement will be required, can be made.

The Newclear Pressure Tester is capable of pressure testing automotive, marine and heavy duty industrial cylinder heads and blocks.  Contact Galloway Engines for more information on this service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my engine needs reconditioning?

Tell-tale signs that your engine requires attention are that it has lost performance or efficiency, it blows excessive smoke or it has developed an unusual noise.  However, a vehicle needn't have these symptoms to benefit from a reconditoned engine.  A complete and comprehensive recondition of your engine will increase power, fuel efficiency and extend the life of your vehicle.

Do you remove and refit engines?

Galloway Engines is a precision workshop which deals in machining and reconditioning engines.  This ensures we are specialists in our field and only a quality job of the highest standard will be delivered.  We can arrange engine removal and fitment or contact your regular vehicle servicing centre for this service.

Can I supply my own parts?

Yes. You are quite welcome to supply your own new parts should you have a preference for a particular brand name.  However, our parts prices are very competitive and our high standards ensure that only quality parts are fitted to any job.  We have liaisons with many Australian and international companies allowing us to have access to world-wide sourcing of parts.

Do you offer a warranty?

Any reputable product will come with a warranty as proof of its quality.  Galloway Engines are no exception.  We offer a full warranty on all of our work.  Contact us for more information on the terms and conditions of our warranty.

Why should I use Galloway Engines?

Galloway Engines supply a quality engine which is completely reconditioned to comply with original manufacturers specifications and are in accordance with Australian Standards AS4182 for petrol engines and AS4427 for diesel engines.  Our up-to-date equipment produces quality precision work and our team of specialised technicians are dedicated to detail.  This ensures you are getting the best job possible.

Can you recondition any engine?

Yes. Whether it be a Caterpillar engine from a giant earthmoving machine or a small three cylinder Suzuki engine, we have the equipment to be able to meet your needs.  Contact us to see how we can meet your requirements.

Do you offer engines which suit LPG?

As LPG has different properties to unleaded fuel, an engine can experience problems when converted to LPG.  We can offer options which can enhance the performance and reliability of an LPG engine.  Galloway Engine Reconditioning also stock a range of exchange heads which are modified to run on LPG.  

Do you have EFTPOS?

We have full EFTPOS facilities available and are able to accept payment via Credit or Debit Card.


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