Specialised Engine Machining

At Galloway Engines, we have had a continuous equipment update policy to ensure your engine is receiving quality machining from the lastest technology. Working on classic and vintage engines requires attention to detail and additional care.  There is no margin for error, as many of these engines are unique and irreplaceable. 

Our machining capabilities include:

  • Line Boring and Honing

 Pictured here on one of our line boring machines, is a massive 8-litre straight-6 out of a 1930's model Bentley. 

What sets this engine apart from many others is its unique design.  It has two thrust main caps.  The thrust main cap keeps a crank aligned within an engine so pistons are positioned perfectly within the bores and prevents longways movement of the crank (end float).  Most engines only have one thrust main cap which allows flexibility when grinding the crank.  However, with two main caps, you have align with two areas, which means precise measurements are more cruitial.

  • Balancing of crankshafts and rotating assemblies up to 1.5m in length

Factory crankshafts are balanced before they find their way into your stock engine.  However, they are balanced to broad tolerances.  Any engine can benefit from having a crankshaft which has been properly balanced to precise tolerances.  Reduced vibration from the rotating assembly means less unbalanced force applied to your engine, meaning less wear and tear on your engines components and better efficiency, which leads to greater engine reliability. 

  • Crankshaft grinding

This crank, set up on our crank grinding machine, is out of a 1936 Rolls Royce 6 cylinder.  Just one of the many classic and vintage engines we have worked on.

  • Boring and honing of cylinder bores

Pictured is a 260 Windsor project carried out in our workshop for a Sunbeam Tiger.

The Tiger was originally delivered with a 260 Ford V8 engine making it a potent performer for its day. Back in the early sixties Carroll Shelby was contracted to squeeze the then current 260ci Ford motor into a prototype Tiger for British car maker Sunbeam. By the time they decided to run with the concept, he had already done a deal with AC and Ford to produce the now famous AC Cobra. Sunbeam bought up a pile of Ford 260 V8 engines and went it alone back in the UK.

  • Reconditioning of cylinder heads


The Holden Grey Motor was produced between 1948 and 1962. It began as a 132ci and was bored out to a 138ci in later years.  As original, it was known to produce 60 brake horsepower at 5000rpm.

Galloways offer a complete cylinder head reconditioning service, which includes precision machining of valve seats, repair or replacement of valve guides and diamond head facing.  For more information on our cylinder head services, click here.

This classic 1750 Alfa Romeo cylinder head underwent a complete restoration.  After a wet blast, we modified to run unleaded fuel, installed new valves & springs, diamond faced and adjusted the tappets.


  • Manufacture of rare parts

Bronze main bearings


Parts for a 1903 Renault engine are not a commonly found article!  These bronze main bearings were manufactured to fit into the main tunnel.  White metal was finished machined from a rough cast inside the bearings.

The main caps were out-of-round, so they were bolted to the crankcase and they were line bored to match the crack case.  By the time this process has been completed, the crankcase will have been line bored about 4 times, which, given the design, is not a straight-forward process.

As shown, 1903 Renault technology was very different to the engines of today.  The bores are separate units, which are bolted to the crankcase.


The main caps were out-of-round, so they had to be line bored to fit to the crankcase.
Main bearings have been made to fit this crankcase.

The crankcase mounted on our line boring machine
These cylinder bores are bolted to the crankcase

The bronze main bearing with the white metal insert finished machined.
The conrods for this engine were another component which had to be manufactured.  These conrods will be lined with white metal at the big end and finished machined.
  • Other machining capabilities
Machined Axles
These axles out of a Ford, were badly worn and new seals weren't enough to stop the leak.  Metal spray was applied to the worn section and the shaft was machined to look like brand new!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my engine needs reconditioning?

Tell-tale signs that your engine requires attention are that it has lost performance or efficiency, it blows excessive smoke or it has developed an unusual noise.  However, a vehicle needn't have these symptoms to benefit from a reconditoned engine.  A complete and comprehensive recondition of your engine will increase power, fuel efficiency and extend the life of your vehicle.

Do you remove and refit engines?

Galloway Engines is a precision workshop which deals in machining and reconditioning engines.  This ensures we are specialists in our field and only a quality job of the highest standard will be delivered.  We can arrange engine removal and fitment or contact your regular vehicle servicing centre for this service.

Can I supply my own parts?

Yes. You are quite welcome to supply your own new parts should you have a preference for a particular brand name.  However, our parts prices are very competitive and our high standards ensure that only quality parts are fitted to any job.  We have liaisons with many Australian and international companies allowing us to have access to world-wide sourcing of parts.

Do you offer a warranty?

Any reputable product will come with a warranty as proof of its quality.  Galloway Engines are no exception.  We offer a full warranty on all of our work.  Contact us for more information on the terms and conditions of our warranty.

Why should I use Galloway Engines?

Galloway Engines supply a quality engine which is completely reconditioned to comply with original manufacturers specifications and are in accordance with Australian Standards AS4182 for petrol engines and AS4427 for diesel engines.  Our up-to-date equipment produces quality precision work and our team of specialised technicians are dedicated to detail.  This ensures you are getting the best job possible.

Can you recondition any engine?

Yes. Whether it be a Caterpillar engine from a giant earthmoving machine or a small three cylinder Suzuki engine, we have the equipment to be able to meet your needs.  Contact us to see how we can meet your requirements.

Do you offer engines which suit LPG?

As LPG has different properties to unleaded fuel, an engine can experience problems when converted to LPG.  We can offer options which can enhance the performance and reliability of an LPG engine.  Galloway Engine Reconditioning also stock a range of exchange heads which are modified to run on LPG.  

Do you have EFTPOS?

We have full EFTPOS facilities available and are able to accept payment via Credit or Debit Card.


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