Galloway Engines

Classic & VintageRestoration Engines

Our attention to detail is second to none

The restoration of custom, vintage or classic vehicles requires authenticity and accuracy.  Attention to quality and detail is an aspect which Galloway Engines has taken seriously since 1978.  Our experienced team specialise in precision engine machining and are dedicated to producing only the best job possible.

  • Expert team and machinery

    Combine our precision machining experience, with our skilled assembly team and we can provide a complete engine restoration service for petrol or diesel, be it a Chamberlin Tractor or a Bentley.  Our workshop is fully equipped to undertake any engine machining, engine balancing, complete reconditioning or performance modifications required.  Being car enthusists ourselves, we know you want the best job possible for your prized project.

  • Customised requirements and specifications

    Having the ability to complete work in-house, means we can cater to your individual requirements and specifications.

  • Attention to detail

    Keeping an engine original and authentic is a cruicial part of reconditioning vintage engines.  The engine enamel used to paint this engine has been colour matched to the original MG colour and care was taken to ensure all original plates / badges were refitted to the engine. 

  • Maintaining authenticity

    Having your original engine machined, should not take away its authenticity.  Our CNC machining centre is programmed to true deck the block, leaving original numbers intact - no re-stamping is required.

  • Sourcing parts for any make or model

    The team at Galloway engines have experience in machining engines and sourcing parts for many makes and models. Restoring engines to their former glory is a passion which is reflected in the quality of the transformation which is produced.

  • Complete transformation

    If we can transform this Toyota 5S-FE / 3S-GE hybrid destined for the gravel rally roads of WA, we can transform anything!

Our Workshop Leading class equipment and technology

At Galloway Engines, we believe quality machining can only be achieved on quality machines. That's why over the past 25 years we have had a continuous equipment update policy to ensure we are at the forefront of engine machining technology.