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At Galloway Engines we believe quality machining can only be achieved on quality machines

At Galloway Engines, we believe quality machining can only be achieved on quality machines. That's why over the past 25 years we have had a continuous equipment update policy to ensure we are at the forefront of engine machining technology. Although our policy can be expensive, it runs in line with our desire to be the best and ensures our customers get the best engine machining available.

  • Serdi 3.0 Valve Seat Machine

    Our Serdi 3.0 valve seat machine is highly regarded as the most accurate for precision valve seat machining from 4mm guide diameter up to 12mm guide diameter & 3.5” seat diameter.

  • The Newclear Pressure Tester

    The Newclear Pressure Tester is a revolutionary machine that has the ability to test for cracks and defects in cylinder heads and blocks. Pressurised water is flowed through the casting to simulate operating conditions. The inline heater system allows hot and cold hydraulic testing, in addition to air testing, at capabilities up to 800kPa.

  • Rottler VR7 Valve Refacing Machine

    The Rottler VR7 Valve Refacing Machine sets new standards in speed and accuracy for cylinder head work. Valve refacing is carried out to improve the seal between the valve and the valve seat on the head, which ensures sufficient pressure in the combustion chamber when the cylinder ignites. The Rottler VR7 is capable of grinding small and large valves, grinding and chamfering stem ends and rocker arm grinding.

  • Cylinder Head Resurfacing Machinery

    Diamond facing of cylinder heads up to 1.5m in length.

  • Rottler F67A CNC Machine Centre

    Our Rottler F67A CNC Machine is a state-of-the-art CNC Machining Centre, specifically designed for high performance blueprinting operations. The Rottler F67A CNC Machine blueprinting capabilities include operations such as deck squaring to the main and cam centreline, boring cylinders to main and cam centreline, line boring, bore centre corrections to blueprint specifications and lifter bore corrections.

    See Engine Blueprinting for more information.

  • CWT Line Honing Machine

    The CWT Line Honing Machine was a recent import from the USA.  Line Honing is the process of finishing an engine's main bearing tunnel so the main bearings can be positioned correctly and the crank centre-line is perfectly true.  A small amount of material is removed from each mains cap and the block at the same time, so that the tunnel is perfectly cylindrical and uniform.  Line Honing creates a perfect finish to promote good heat transfer and precise bearing location.

  • Sunnen CV-616 Automatic Cylinder Hone

    The ideal finish of an engine is made up of a pattern of scratches along the surface of the bore.  Under magnification, these scratches make up a series of peaks and valleys.  The piston rings run up and down along the peaks and the valleys act as oil reservoirs for lubrication to the cylinder.  The ideal plateau finish produced by this machine cannot be replicated using honing stones with hand held power tools.

    For more on the perfect bore finish and plateau honing, see our techincal bulletin on Plateau Honing or the magazine article featured in Perth Street Car Magazine, Finishing Touch.

  • Crankshaft Grinding Machinery

    Crankshaft Grinding up to 1.5m in length is available.

  • CWT Multi-Bal 5000

    Our CWT computerised balancing machine was the first imported into Australia, and is regarded around the world as the best available.  Every balance comes with a print out analysing before and after balance in 1000 rpm increments. For more information on balancing, click here for the article "Spin Doctors", featured in Perth Street Car Magazine.

  • Boring Machinery

    While our Rottler F67A CNC Machining Centre is our most up-to-date machine for bore corrections, our original boring machine handles many of the older style engines.

  • Magnetic Crack Testing

    Magnetic crack testing is a specialized procedure where the component is magnetized using an electromagnetic field.  A mixture of magnetic particle fluid is sprayed over the component.  The particles in the fluid will congregate along any cracks, which can be seen with a black ultra-violet light. See our technical bulletin on Crack Testing for more information.

  • Engine Assembly

    We rebuild your engine to your requirements.

  • Conrod Repair

    The small end of the conrod, where the piston pin fits through, can house a small bush.  This bush can wear, resulting in a small knocking noise.  A new small end bush and honing to size is the correct repair.

  • Flywheel Machining

    Galloways are able to offer a flywheel machining service.  Flywheel machining is essential when fitting a new clutch to prevent clutch shudder.  Keep in mind also, if you are fitting a new clutch kit, many manufacturers will not provide a warranty for their product if the flywheel is not machined.

  • Piston Fitting Machinery

    At Galloway Engines, we fit pistons to conrods using a specialised machine.  The small end of the conrod is heated by a coiled heating element which is thermostat controlled, to prevent overheating.  When the correct temperature is reached, the conrod is immediately fitted to the piston.  Having your pistons professionally fitted to your conrods prevents any future problems caused by loose piston pins. For more information on correctly fitting pistons to conrods, see our technical bulletin - Fitting Pistons to Conrods

  • Facing Manifolds

    Facing manifolds ensures that the correct seal between the engine and the manifold can be achieved.  A gasket will only be able to seal minor imperfections.  In short, a poor finish will result in a poor seal.

Need a rare part? We have access to a wide range of hard to find parts.

Our motto is if we can’t find it, we can remanufacture it! With the best restoration machinery and over 25 years experience, rest assured we can restore any speciality engine that you have under the hood. Contact us today and let’s get your beauty back to it’s prestine form.