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The team at Galloway Engines is continually committed to ensuring only quality, precision work is produced. Provided below is a series of technical bulletins which detail some of the methods employed by our technicians as well as additional information which explains the reasons behind our processes.

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  • Golden era holdens come to galloways

    The team at Galloways welcomed the EH Holden Car Club of WA to an "Engine Machining in Action Workshop Tour" on the 28th June 2015.
  • Jaguar Car Club of Wa Comes to Galloways

    Heads turned in the Pinjarra Industrial Area on Saturday, 23rd May 2015, as around 20 classic Jaguar vehicles from the Jaguar Car Club of WA visited the Galloway Engines workshop for an Engine Machining Workshop Tour.
  • Galloway 12

    The latest edition to the Galloway car collection is appropriately named. Introducing the 1925 Galloway 12. It comes with its original 1669cc (102 cu in) straight-4 overhead valve engine, fitted with a 4 speed manual gearbox.
  • Galloway Engines goes green

    We have flicked the switch on our new 40kW solar panel system. All equipment in the workshop is now powered via solar energy.
  • Pressure Testing

    The importance of "pressure testing" cylinder heads and blocks cannot be overstated. An engine is a precision machine where minor imperfections can cause catastrophic effects. Avoiding the risk of engine unreliability or failure is paramount.
  • Shitbox Rally

    Laurie and David participated in the Shitbox Rally 2014.
  • Darton Sleeves

    Thanks to a new machining centre, fitting Darton sleeves to many different engine blocks can now be done right here in WA.
  • Crankshaft Balancing

    There is a lot of science, and a little art too, involved in correctly balancing a crankshaft. The results of not balancing a crankshaft to the correct tolerances can be catastrophic, so read and pay heed.
  • Cylinder Honing

    In this article we will discuss the importance of a proper cross-hatch angle and a good plateau finish in cylinder bores.
  • Make Your Engine Young Again!

    The Triumph Car Club of W.A. visits Galloway Engine Reconditioning, at Pinjarra.
  • The Evolution of Engine Machining

    Whilst the principles of engine machining have not changed significantly over the years, the methods employed and the machinery used to achieve the best engine machining finish have advanced as technology has improved.
  • Survival Instinct

    When opportunity knocks, the Galloway family has a history of not only answering but turning opportunity into success. That has resulted in a now second generation business that has operated for almost 40 years in an industry sector where most have ...

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