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Jaguar Car Club of Wa Comes to Galloways


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Jaguar Car Club of Wa Comes to Galloways

Heads turned in the Pinjarra Industrial Area on Saturday, 23rd May 2015, as around 20 classic Jaguar vehicles from the Jaguar Car Club of WA visited the Galloway Engines workshop for an Engine Machining Workshop Tour.

Galloway Engines open their workshop to demonstrate some of the processes undertaken when reconditioning an engine and outline the relevance of the procedures.  The initiative came following conversations with various car club members.  It was found that many car enthusiasts did not have automotive industry knowledge and the opportunity to provide an insight into engine machining techniques, was welcomed.

The morning was attended by 42 members of the club and the display of classic cars was clearly unexpected by passers-by, as many stopped to take a closer look.




The team at Galloway Engines appreciate the visits from car clubs.  Being fellow car enthusiasts, the opportunity to view the work which goes into these unique and classic vehicles, in this case being Jaguars from all eras, is greatly acknowledged and appreciated.  Galloways have had much experience working on Jaguar engines over the years and are only too happy to share the stories and experience gained from working on these exquisite cars, which were magnificently engineered for their time.




Perth boasts one of the highest per captia Jaguar ownership rates in the world.  The Jaguar Car Club of WA was established in 1966, with membership being open to all Jaguar enthusiasts.  The club has a wealth of Jaguar information on their website at

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