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Balanced is always better

Galloway Engines offer the extreme accuracy of the CWT Multi-Bal 5000 Crankshaft Balancer. A crankshaft balancer and much, much more! Every balance comes with a print out analysing before and after balance in 1000 rpm increments. Our CWT computerised balancing machine was the first imported into Australia, and is regarded around the world as the best available for dynamic balancing of complete engine combos.

Balancing your rotating assembly with higher accuracy gives:

  • Smoother running
  • Greater performance
  • Increased engine life

Top 8 Reasons Why the Multi-bal 5000 Crankshaft Balancer gives us the edge

  • 1

    State-of-the-art analysing electronics allow our machine to give extremely fast and accurate analysis of a crankshaft or rotating part.

  • 2

    This allows "real time" updating of the correction requirements before we cut our first chip.

  • 3

    This feature allows us to accurately correct the unbalanced crankshaft. This control software is the key to its accuracy - features unmatched by other machines.

  • 4

    Our software also offers unlimited data storage for bob-weight information, part numbers and part description.

  • 5

    Our "Heavy Metal" vector allows accurate placement of heavy metal slugs.

  • 6

    The machine itself weighs 4090 pounds. The entire casting is encapsulated with steel. Each bed is cured for six weeks and all mounting registers are machined in the CNC machining centre.

  • 7

    This construction ensures perfect mounting of stanchions and the cast drill platform.

  • 8

    The base is filled with a special resin material to eliminate any residual vibvration.

Our Workshop Leading class equipment and technology

At Galloway Engines, we believe quality machining can only be achieved on quality machines. That's why over the past 25 years we have had a continuous equipment update policy to ensure we are at the forefront of engine machining technology.