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Galloway Engines can cater for all types of motorcycle machining

Our in-house capabilities include

  • Machining & Reconditioning

    Galloway Engines can cater for all types of motorcycle machining, including two and four stroke, and offer a full reconditoning service for Harley heads. Galloway Engines specialise in precision engine machining and are fully equipped to undertake specialised projects like the following example.

    These heads from a Harley Davidson Motorcycle, were drilled, machined and fitted with compression relief valves.  These valves (sample pictured above on the side of the head) are fitted next to the spark plug.  The fitment of these compression relief valves alleviates the problem of poor starting due to high compression in the cylinder.  The valve is opened and once the engine fires, the valve is closed automatically.

  • Torque Plates

    Galloway Engines have torque plates to suit Harley cylinders, for the perfect honing finish. For more information on torque plate honing, click here.

  • Plateau Honing

    It is essential to ensure the cylinder has the perfect crosshatch finish, as shown on this Yamaha cylinder, which has just been honed. For more information on the ideal bore finish, see our article on Plateau Honing.

    Perth Street Car Magazine featured an article discussing the importance of the correct cross-hatch finish in cylinder bores. For more on this article, click here.

Our Workshop Leading class equipment and technology

At Galloway Engines, we believe quality machining can only be achieved on quality machines. That's why over the past 25 years we have had a continuous equipment update policy to ensure we are at the forefront of engine machining technology.