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To complement our extensive machine shop capabilities, Galloways can supply engine parts for almost any application. Our liaisons with numerous Australian and international automotive companies allows us to provide a world-wide part sourcing service.

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Timing Holden Grey Motor adjustable timing gear set


Adjustable timing gear sets to suit Holden Grey motor with standard crankshaft.

We have designed these gear seats to be adjustable with 6 bolts to allow easy cam timing adjustments while the engine is assembled.

Also added as a design feature is a small extension on the rear of the inner hub to set the correct cam end float with ease. This also allows a retaineing bolt to be added to the front of the cam if the engine builder thinks it necessary.

They come with a ground thrust plate and countersunk screws retaining screws.

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    Grey motor
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Our motto is if we can’t find it, we can remanufacture it! With the best restoration machinery and over 25 years experience, rest assured we can restore any speciality engine that you have under the hood. Contact us today and let’s get your beauty back to it’s prestine form.

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