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At Galloway Engines we offer a range of Cylinder Head services

  • Exchange Cylinder Heads

    Our exchange cylinder heads are remanufactured to exacting tolerances using the most up to date equipment in Australia and are remanufactured to Australian standards. All our exchange cylinder heads are pressure tested, digitally hardness tested, and checked for thickness prior to being chemically cleaned and blasted.

    All cylinder head dimensions are then checked, repaired where necessary and machined to exacting tolerances, some as small .001 of a millimetre. We make extensive use of diamond & carbide tooling and specialist measuring equipment to ensure our exchange cylinder heads are the best in the industry.

    Combine our superior product with our no deposit policy and 12 months unlimited km warranty, you are assured your getting the best.

  • New Cylinder Heads

    We carry a range of brand new cylinder heads for many popular makes and models, both petrol and diesel. These cylinder heads are supplied complete with valves, springs and rocker gear where applicable.

    We also carry a large range of gasket sets and head bolt sets to support our exchange and new cylinder head range.

  • One-Off Cylinder Heads

    For those occasions when a new or exchange cylinder head is not available, or your cylinder head is a vintage, performance, industrial or racing cylinder head, we offer a one-off reconditioning service using the same high-tech equipment and exact standards as our exchange range.

  • Reconditioning and Restoration

    We offer a complete reconditioning and restoration service for classic and vintage cylinder heads. As in the case with this MGB 1800 cylinder head, we can upgrade heads, designed to run on leaded fuel, to run on unleaded fuel. View some of the amazing beofre and after results in the image gallery below.

  • Cylinder Head Machining

    Our capabilities include:

    • Diamond facing of cylinder heads up to 1.5m in length
    • Precision machining of valve seats from 4mm guide diameter up to 12mm guide diameter and 3.5" seat diameter.
    • Repair or replacement of any size valve guides
    • Cylinder head pressure testing with hot and cold hydraulic testing capabilities
    • Hardness testing of aluminium heads. For more information on theSoftness of Aluminium Heads
    • Machining for screw in studs
    • Cylinder head welding and repairs (including broken bolt and thread repairs)
    • Valve facing

Our Workshop Leading class equipment and technology

At Galloway Engines, we believe quality machining can only be achieved on quality machines. That's why over the past 25 years we have had a continuous equipment update policy to ensure we are at the forefront of engine machining technology.