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The team at Galloway Engines is continually committed to ensuring only quality, precision work is produced. Provided below is a series of technical bulletins which detail some of the methods employed by our technicians as well as additional information which explains the reasons behind our processes.

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  • Pressure Testing

    The importance of "pressure testing" cylinder heads and blocks cannot be overstated.  An engine is a precision machine where minor imperfections can cause catastrophic effects.
  • Rocker Geometry

    The performance of an engine is dependent on a number of systems, where each individual system works in sync to influence the final result.
  • Lifter Bore Modifications

    With the purchase of the Rottler F67A CNC Machining Centre, Galloway Engines are able to offer a complete lifter bore correction, modification and sleeving service.
  • Surface Finish

    The efficiency of a head gasket to seal and the life of the gasket vary according to the gasket design, material and coatings.
  • Torque Plate Simulation Honing

    When rebuilding an engine, it is essential that a cylinder bore is honed, regardless of whether the engine has been re-bored or not.
  • Engine Blueprinting

    Blueprinting is an exact science which involves modifying the engine to comply with its original manufacturers design tolerances and/or any newly developed specifications which increase the engines operational efficiency.
  • Fitting Pistons To Conrods

    Fitting pistons to conrods would be considered to be a fairly straight forward job for most mechanics.  However, it is important that this task is completed correctly.
  • LPG Conversions

    Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) conversions are popular due to the advantages offered to the motorist. 
  • Oils For Older Style Engines

    As engine technology advances, lubricants and additives are upgraded to run in line with the modern engine and comply with the current environmental regulations.
  • Softness Of Aluminium Heads

    Aluminium has different chemical properties to cast iron and it is known that it expands and contracts quicker when it heats up and cools down.
  • Scotch-Brite Discs

    Despite claims that the Scotch-brite discs are non-abrasive, they do have the ability to wear away the surface of the block, head or manifold which is being cleaned.
  • Crack Testing Of Components

    A vehicle's engine is a precision machine which operates according to a fine line of critical specifications.  The slightest imperfection, incorrect component or faulty part will affect your engines performance and reliability greatly. 

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