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LPG Conversions

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) conversions are popular due to the advantages offered to the motorist. 

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) conversions are popular due to the advantages offered to the motorist.  LPG is typically near half the cost per litre to purchase compared with unleaded fuel which potentially means that an LPG conversion can pay for itself in as little as 15 months.  The saving after this time, goes straight to the pocket.  There are environmental advantages to using LPG compared with unleaded fuel as LPG is a more environmentally friendly fuel, with LPG vehicles emitting approximately 10% less emissions than unleaded vehicles.

Advantages often don't come without problems.  LPG is known to have different properties to unleaded fuel.  Therefore, engines designed to run specifically on unleaded can encounter engine problems when they are converted to LPG.  The burning of LPG produces a higher combustion temperature than the burning of unleaded fuel.  When exposed to this increased temperature, the impact of the valve causes the valve seat to recede.  As there is only a limited amount of adjustment available by the lifter, the valve is unable to go any higher to meet up with the seat and a correct seal is not made.  This improper seal means the valve is permanently open, causing the engine to miss fire and valves burn out.


Fortunately these issues are easily overcome.  Galloway Engines is able to modify your engine to prevent the problems caused by running your engine on LPG.  There are even options available to enhance the performance of an engine on LPG. 

Our stock of exchange heads includes a range of LPG modified heads.  These units are fitted with harder valve seats which are able to withstand the increased combustion temperature more effectively.


We are also able to supply and fit a range of custom ground camshafts which offer good power and fuel economy for LPG applications.

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